Why Title Indexing Services?

At Title Indexing Services, we clearly understand that as our clients you seek fast and accurate services that produce tangible results. So we always make your needs as our priority and tailor our services according to your requirements. Our top class services are always delivered at superb turnaround time and we always make it a point to provide you with the best of quality. Not only that, you get to use all of our expertise at the most competitive rates as well.

When you hire us for your title plant indexing requirements, we provide you with the following commitments:

Top notch quality of services

Searching invariably requires plenty of follow up. Millions of questions arise at every point that needs to be addressed. Here at Title Indexing Services, we handle each and every such requirement with total sincerity and care. Our attention to detail makes it possible for us to provide you with high quality of services which you can receive at an alarming speed. You will hardly find such promptness of service with other names in the industry.

Superior speed of tasks

Title Indexing Services offer all search related services at a rapid turnaround time. By making use of the cutting edge technological means, we carry out tax rolls and title escrow services unlike any other search firm. Most search companies operating in this market depend heavily on calling the municipalities to get the tax figures. This can of course take a lot of time as government offices frequently stay closed for holidays, breaks or lunch times. The municipal staff might be off on a vacation and so remain unavailable to answer questions. Hence it can be extremely difficult and time taking to obtain all the required data. However, we at Title Indexing Services make use of the municipal databases for obtaining all the information we need at any time of the day. In case of municipalities that do not maintain such a database, we make use of our longstanding relationships for making sure that our tasks are carried out fast.

High quality parameters

We deliver all of our search data to our clients by checking them three times for any anomalies. Such strict quality control measures allow us to maintain a high level of accuracy consistently. Once checked, the search results are then organized in reports that are easy to understand. All of the documents can be accessed online at any given time of the day.

Reasonable rates

All of our services are available at truly cost effective rates, which remain constant no matter which area we are servicing.

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