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Title Indexing Services provides a range of search-related services for their clients. By making use of the latest technologies, we offer innovative solutions to our clients which they can use for their own requirements. Our experienced staff allows us to consistently deliver high quality of services to all of our clients at the most cost effective prices.

Some of our services have been discussed below:

Current Owner Search

This report provides details about present title holder of a subject property as well as the last deed that is to be considered. Searching from current date backwards, we try to look for a warranty deed or any other arms-length transfer that might have taken place on a subject property. The reports include details such as vesting deed, county assessment information, current tax status, active judgments, active liens, open mortgages, legal description and legal indexing services Texas.

Last Vesting Deed

This report provides a legible and detailed copy of current vesting deed(s) that reflects 100% fees simple ownership to a property and the Parcel ID.

Two Owner Search

This report involves a complete title search on last 2 owners in chain of title associated with the subject property.

Document Retrievals

This report consists of client requested documents such as mortgage, deed and plat images.

Tax Searches

This consists of Procure Tax Assessment, Delinquency status, Payment details and any other kind of lien attached to a property that's in the county records.

Title Commitments

We can present you with property reports that are directly sent in your software. We are adept at working with different related software programs used in this industry. We can also connect to your server remotely and enter all relevant data in your software by using secured leased line. The turnaround time for our services is much faster than that of our competitors and you can also get the best quality of assistance from us in this regard.

Other services that we provide include:
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  • BPO Services
  • Mortgage Loan Processing
  • Mortgage Indexing Services
  • Data Entry Services
  • Call Center Services
  • Title Plant Indexing
  • Last Owner Search
  • 40 Year search/full search services
  • Document Conversion Services
  • Broker Price Opinion
  • Title Escrow Services
  • Legal Indexing Services
  • Flood Zone Determination Services

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