Title Plant Indexing Services

A wide variety of documents are filed everyday with County Clerk offices throughout the country. Title insurance companies need to maintain a detailed database of such documents. Some of the documents that are filed include:

  • Deed of Trust
  • Full or Partial Lien release document
  • Lien Documents
  • Easement Rights
  • Marriage Certificates

The database of the title company should be posted regularly with these documents, so that all the latest information stays available to be used at any time. It is of utmost importance that accurate legal description of a property is posted. For this reason, each and every document should be scanned and coded on time. Title Indexing Services has got years of experience when it comes to coding which allows us to deliver high quality coding services that are carried out always on time.

Title Deed Coding

The documents that are filed with County Clerk are all scanned and duly collected by title companies. These documents are then uploaded on the FTP servers of the companies daily at the end. The offshore team of Title Indexing Services obtains them and assigns a Volume/Page to each document page which represents the book or volume and page to which it is associated with. Each of the documents is also given a unique Document Number. The Document Number and Volume/Page together form a document's Control Number. The documents are categorized according to its Document Type. Every title company has their own set of such Document Types, and they form the look-up table that's used to assign a distinct Document Type before the actual keying.

The elements that should be keyed include the four major categories listed below:
  • Information relating to the parties (grantor/grantee)
  • The addresses of the properties and the parties involved
  • Prior references that are mentioned within the document
  • Legal description of a property involved in document (details relating to block, subdivision, lot or acres)

The elements to be keyed are identified after going through the documents. Since the elements differ from one document to another, we use specialized proprietary tools that allow our coders to identify all of the proper elements.

Title Plant Indexing Services segregates all the documents into separate groups based on commonalities between information that is to be keyed. We also assign specific coders to handle definite sets of codes based on the elements that relate to the Party/Legal/Document. As our coders key same elements every day, they get used to them which allows us to maintain a high level of quality and accuracy.

At Title Indexing Services, we follow certain quality control measures that yield superior quality every time. To maintain 99.95% accuracy, we identify all the correct data elements present in the document and check the accuracy of the selected data elements. We also make use of two different operators to check the data from same image and then get it checked again by a compare operator. This allows us to maintain highest levels of accuracy consistently.

We are also skilled in working with various software programs such as HAL File, Ram Quest, Title Search and TIMS, and can deliver all data into your software.

Title Plant Indexing Services

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