40 Year search/full search services

If you are looking for 40 Year search/full search services for your business needs, we at Title Indexing Services can provide you with the same at the best quality but in affordable rates. Check out the distinct features of our 40 Year full search services.

  • Search for up to 40 years (or what is standard in a specific jurisdiction)
  • Full copies of all the deeds in chain of title;
  • Fully written chain of title;
  • Copies of all pertinent pages from any open liens or mortgages;
  • Copies of any docket reports, open judgments, or both;
  • First Page Copy of all exceptions (restrictions, easements, etc.)
  • Full copy of plat, if the property is a part of the platted land;
  • Search of all the relevant courts in jurisdiction for open cases or judgments against all involved parties on title that go back to 2 owners, or minimum of twenty years (including federal tax liens)

40 Year Full Search | 40 Year Search

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